How to setup the Voyager Legend CS bluetooth earphone


How do I setup the Voyager Legend CS (not UC) bluetooth earphone to a Mitel 686Xi phone?



  1. Connect the ethernet port with the Plantronics special cable to the handset port of the Mitel phone.  The special cable has a female port for the Mitel handset to connect to.
  2. Power the earphone.  Then press the bluetooth button on the backside of the base (has a bluetooth icon on the button).  You will hear a paired audio.  
  3. Please a test call to verify if there is audio on the earphone.  
    1. Ensure the headset is in audio mode by pressing the call button on the headset.  
    2. The base will indicate a blue light on the handset icon located on the left.  
    3. A continuous blue light means the headset is on audio mode.
  4. If no audio on the earphone (or there is poor audio) and there is audio on the handset, then tweak the channel slider (A, B, C, ... to G) located underneath the base until you hear audio.
    • More than one channel will work.  
    • Some channels may have better audio quality than others.

Note: if you want the headset to accept call and end calls, then you will need to purchase an EHS specific cable for the unit from the brand.  Otherwise, treat it exactly as a handset. 

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