How do I setup a date range using Time of Day condition?



  • I would like to setup a date range in my Time of Day condition such that:
    • a. it starts at 9AM on Monday June 1st, 201X. 
    • b. it ends at 2PM on Friday June 5th, 201X.
    • c. Our regular office hours are 9AM to 5PM.
  • How do I setup a date range using Time of Day condition such as the above criteria?




Step 1: full overlap of office hours

  1. In PISTON, create a new Time of Day from the object you dragged into TIME OF DAY.
  2. In the "Create Time of Day" window:
    1. Set the 'Repeats' to either Monthly or Yearly
    2. Set the fields as usual with the exception of the "On:" picklist where it should be "Day Range" with the middle field (start day) and last field (last day).
    3. Set 'Time' to cover the regular office hours.  For example, 9AM to 5PM.
    4. Don't forget to set the 'Start Date'.
    5. Click Save.

Step 2: Partial overlap of office hours

If the period of time is only partially overlapping the regular office hours for one particular day then do the following step:

  1. Create an additional Time of Day sub-object and set a new date.
  2. Similar to Step 1, set 'Time' to cover the partial start and end time.  For example, 9AM to 2PM.
  3. Click Save.
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