How do I setup an incoming email fax in PISTON?


I would like to setup a phone number that will email me faxes sent to it.



Case: I want to setup a RECEIVE FAX object

  1. Ensure you are logged into the PISTON web admin interface.
  2. Click VoIP Services then Callflows.
  3. Locate the callflow if the phone number is already assigned to one. If none, then create a new callflow and assign the phone number to it.
  4. Verify if the callflow contains a RECEIVE FAX object.
  5. If not, drag a RECEIVE FAX object from the Advanced toolset on the right side.
  6. Double-click the object if it doesn't pop-up with a "Select user" window.
  7. Under "Which user?", select the user who will always be notified via email for incoming faxes.
  8. Ensure "Enable T.38" is checked.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Save changes.

Case: I want to re-use one of my existing Fax boxes 

  1. Click here if you want to instructions on creating a new fax box for both outgoing and incoming faxes:213909978.
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