How do I add a display key to dial or transfer to a colleague? (BLF key)


How can I see the phone status of another deskphone user on my phone?



Case: MITEL (AASTRA) phones with a color display (67XXi and 68XXi)

  1. Press the key with two dots (on some phones it is three dots).
  2. Press the button labeled 'Keys'.
  3. Choose "Phone Top Keys" then press Select.
  4. Scroll down until you find a slot labeled "NOT CONFIGURED" then press Select.
  5. Choose "Busy Lamp Field" then press Select.
  6. From the list of phone users, choose the one you want then press Select.
  7. In the 'Enter key label' field, you may relabel it for your own personal labeling.
    • Suggestion: try to have a label with no more than 12 characters total including space and special characters.
  8. Press Submit.
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