"Authentication failed" is displayed when I login on my AASTRA/Mitel phone


"Authentication failed" is displayed when I login on my AASTRA/Mitel phone.



Case 1: no password was entered

  1. Ensure a password is entered.
  2. If the cursor is not positioned at the password field, then please press the down arrow key on the directional pad then input the password.

Case 2: invalid extension and/or password

  1. Ensure you are entering a valid extension and password (PIN).
  2. If unsure, please contact your administrator or contact Voxter Support.
  3. If you are certain it is correct, then it may be one of the following cause that your administrator or voxter may be able to address:
    • voicemail box number not matching the extension
    • extension username not matching the extension
    • password management not matching the voicemail pin
    • vortex's user is not enabled
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