How to create a Conference Service?


Our company requires many virtual conference rooms accessible via a single phone number (usually tollfree) instead of assigning one phone number per virtual conference room.



  1. In PISTON, hover the mouse over the 'Hosted PBX' (or VoIP Services) icon on the top then select Callflows.
  2. On the left side, verify if a callflow already exists for the extension or phone number that will act as a conference room.  Stop here if it already exists.
  3. Click ADD CALLFLOW.
  4. In the center, in the blue box, click Click to add number
  5. Select Extension and input a new extension number.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Again, in the blue box, click Click to add number.
  8. Select the tollfree number (or normal phone number) from the Available Numbers drop down list.
    • If there is none and you would like one, please contact Voxter to inquire about getting a regular or tollfree phone number for the geo area that you need.
  9. Click Add then Save changes.
  10. On the right pane (Actions), expand Advanced then drag the Conference Service icon into the blue box in the center.
  11. Click Save changes.
  12. Users calling this internal extension or external phone number will have audio instructions on how to proceed by entering a conference room number and matching PIN.
  13. To make a conference room, please see article 204861244.
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