How do I change the ringer volume or ringtone of my deskphone?


  • How do I change ringer the volume of my phone?
  • How do I increase or decrease the volume of my phone when ringing?
  • How do I change the ringtone of my deskphone?



Case: changing the ringing volume of the deskphone

  1. Leave the handset on the base.
  2. On the volume control of the base, increase the volume (or decrease) until you are satisfied on the volume.

Case: changing the ringtone of the deskphone (AASTRA/Mitel)

  1. Press the wrench or cog wheel button.
  2. Applicable for 67XX series:
    1. Scroll to the Tones.
    2. Ring Tones.
    3. Select the ring tone and it will play it.
    4. Press Set.
  3. Applicable for 68xx phones:
    1. Scroll to the right to Audio.
    2. Scroll down to Ring Tones.
    3. Select the ring tone you want then Save.
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