How do I remove an existing phone user from the PISTON management portal?


How do I remove an existing phone user (extension) from the PISTON portal as an admin user?

How do I rename an existing phone user (extension) to be a free for all deskphone or temporary deskphone until another user in the future will be using it?



Case: I want to fully delete the extension from the system

  1. Before proceeding, locate the callflow of the user under Hosted PBX, Callflows, then on the left pane, select the callflow (generally the extension of the user).
  2. Verify if the callflow contains a direct phone number (or more) reachable from the outside world.  For example 604-XXX-XXXX for a direct vancouver number.  
  3. If so, then you have to decide what to do with the phone number as otherwise, callers will not get anywhere once the user has been deleted.
    • Voxter suggests you remove the phone number then assign it to another callflow such as a callflow labeled "FREE".  
  4. Once the phone number is taken care of, then proceed to login and do these steps:
    1. Open the Accounts icon.
    2. Expand your account.
    3. Right-click the user you want to delete then select Delete.
  5. Done.

Case: I want to rename user to another temporary name such as "Unused Phone" instead of "John Smith"

  1. Renaming the extension name:
    1. In the PISTON portal, go to Hosted PBX then Callflows.
    2. Locate the callflow of the user in question and select it.
    3. Open the User object, a pop-up window will appear.
    4. Click Edit user options, another pop-up window will appear.
    5. Replace the firstname and lastname (and email address).
    6. Click Save.
    7. Click Save.
    8. Click Save changes.
    9. If the phone is an AASTRA/Mitel phone: Logout then log back in for the change to take effect.
    10. Most other phones: power cycle the phone for the change to take effect.
  2. Unsetting the voicemail:
    1. Open the Voicemail object for the callflow of the user; a pop-up window will appear.
    2. Click Edit mailbox options; a pop-up window will appear.
    3. Click Options tab then uncheck 'Already Setup'.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Click Save changes.
  3. Done.
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