Is it possible broadcast an intercom message throughout the company?


  • Is it possible broadcast an intercom message throughout the company?
  • How do I intercom a single phone extension?
  • How to page via the deskphones?



Case A: intercom a single phone extension

  1. Pick up the handset from a deskphone.
  2. Press *0 then input the extension. 
  3. The line will use the Speakerphone of the phone without requiring the user to accept the call.  
    • If that phone user also has a headset and the speakerphone is set to first try the headset, then it will use the headset as speakerphone. 
  4. Hang up the call when done.


Case B: intercom a group (only applicable for MITEL/AASTRA phones)

  1. Setting up the paging key:
    1. Press the double or triple dot key until you see a button labeled 'Keys'.
    2. Press the Keys button.
    3. Choose Phone Top Keys then press Select.
    4. Scroll down until you find an unassigned slot then press Select.
    5. Scroll down until you find Paging then press Select.
  2. Paging:
    1. Locate the Paging key, it may be on an alternate page, if so, press the double or triple dot button on the side of the display.
    2. Press the Paging key and start talking.  You won't hear anyone responding as this is a one-way multicast method.
    3. If some phones speakers don't have any audio, then the phone is set for Headset/Speaker instead of Speaker.  Either leave it as that or change it to Speaker depending on the individual phone case at hand.
      • To change to Speaker only or Speaker/Headset, please follow this  knowledge article: 217166947.
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