How do I conference call two or more calls into one?


  • How do I conference call two or more calls into one?
  • How do I call into a conference room?



Case A: I want to do a standard 3-way conference call

  1. While on the phone with one of the caller, press the 'Conf' button on the phone.
    • Some Mitel/AASTRA phones have two buttons ('Conf' versus 'Conference').  Please use the 'Conf' button for this case.
    • Other brand phones may have a 'Conference' button only.
  2. Dial the phone number or extension of the second party you want to start bringing in.  
  3. Once the second party is on the phone and ready, press the Conference button once more.
  4. All parties are now in a conference call.
  5. If you would like to conference more, then another internal user or external user will need to use their own phone to conference in one more person.  

Case B: I want to dial to a conference room

  1. If not already done, please have your appointed PISTON administrator setup a conference bridge with room extension number and an assigned password.
    • There is a cost associated with conference bridges. 
  2. Call the phone number (or extension) as assigned by the PISTON administrator and then input the password to enter the conference room.
    • Have other phone users do the same.
    • Note: there is a limit on how many can be on a conference if there are many office phones on the same conference.  Check with your IT administrator with how many concurrent calls are possible.  
    • Or on the Mitel (AASTRA) phone, press the 'Conference' button then select the conference room to dial to.
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