How do I setup a new conference room in PISTON?


How do I create (setup) a new conference room in PISTON?


  1. In PISTON, hover the mouse over the 'Hosted PBX' (or VoIP Services) icon on the top then select Callflows.
  2. On the left side, verify if is no callflow that already exists for the extension or phone number that will act as a conference room.  Stop here if it already exists.
  3. Click ADD CALLFLOW.
  4. In the center, in the blue box, click Click to add number
  5. Select Extension and input a new extension number.
  6. Click Add.
  7. On the right side, drag the Conference box into the blue box.
  8. Verify if there was no pre-made conference to pick from.  
  9. If not, click Add a conference and fill the following then click Save then OK:
    • Conference Name: enter a label for this conference, for example '8000 conference' where 8000 is the extension number.
    • Assign To: (optional), select who the assigned user it should belong to.
    • PIN: (optional), enter a security PIN number so not everyone can freely enter the room without knowing the PIN.
  10. If yes, select the conference from the pick list.
  11. Click Save Changes.
  12. Test the new extension by having two users access it and talk.
  13. To make the conference available externally, there are three options:
    • Assign a room number in combination to a conference reception (Conference Server) for a central single phone number.
      • To make the conference room be part of a Conference Service:
        1. Please see article 209468997 if there is no Conference Service setup. 
        2. Click the CONFERENCE box.
        3. Click Edit conference options, Advanced then Conference Server.
        4. Input a conference room Number that is not the conference password.
        5. Click Save, OK, then Save changes.
    • Assign a telephone number to call to:
      1. In the center, in the blue box, click Click to add number.
      2. Check in Available Numbers if there is any available telephone number to assign to this callflow.
      3. If not, then you will need to contact Voxter Sales to order a new telephone number (at a cost).  Processing time for this is usually 24 business hours.
      4. If yes, pick one, click Add, then click Save changes.  Have users call the external number from the cell to test if it works.
    • Have external users call the main line and in the menu greeting, input the conference extension number then input the PIN.
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