Faxes to a specific fax number are not forwarding to a different fax number


  • I have a phone number (A) that is forwarded to another number (B) for fax purposes.
  • Calling phone B, there is a Fax tone response but calling phone A, there is no response and the line hangs up.
  • Faxes to a specific Fax number are not forwarding to a different Fax number.



  1. Login into PISTON as admin.
  2. Open the Fax callflow in question.
  3. Open the Fax box.
  4. Click Edit user user options.
  5. Click Advanced.
  6. Click Call Forward.
  7. Ensure Require Key Press is not checked as this is the reason.
  8. Uncheck it if it is. 
  9. Save.
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