I get a "401" when I try to authenticate with my SIP application like Zoiper or Bria


I get a "401" when I try to authenticate with my SIP application like Zoiper or Bria.



Case A: one or more of these three are incorrect: username, password or host

  1. Verify that the username, password or host that was provided to you by your designated administrator or Voxter is correct. 
  2. Verify that the host points to your voice service server.
    • For PISTON, it should point to a Voxter server similar to (please verify the exact spelling from the information provided by either your designated PISTON administrator or Voxter.
    • For anything else (like FreePBX), verify that it should point to the actual PBX server.  It may be an IP or a subdomain.  Please verify with your PBX designated admin (or Voxter support if this is managed by Voxter).
  3. If the problem persists, then there may a firewall involved, please contact Voxter support.
    • click this article 204733540 for options to reach Voxter.

Case B: I am running my own PBX server

  1. Verify that the IP address from the device you are wanting to have access is whitelisted in your firewall.
  2. Verify that the username is matching the extension number in your PBX.
  3. Verify that the password is matching the 'Secret' field in the Extension object.
  4. verify that the host should be the actual PBX server IP or subdomain.  
  5. Verify that the extension's NAT is enabled if behind a router and crossing a public IP.  
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