How do I setup a callflow?


  • What is a callflow?
  • How do I setup a callflow (call flow)?



The following are general guideline steps on how to create a callflow.  Do not hesitate to call Voxter for phone training if you have additional questions.

  1. Login into your PISTON admin account as given to you by Voxter.
  2. On the top menu, hover the mouse over 'Hosted PBX' (or 'VoIP Services') then select Callflow.
  3. On the left pane, see if the phone number or extension (or IVR label) already exists.
  4. If not, click ADD CALLFLOW.
  5. If yes, click on the phone number or extension (or IVR label) you want to update/inspect.
  6. In the center, verify there is at least a telephone number and/or extension has been applied.  
  7. If not, Click to add number then select the phone number/extension to add and click Add.
  8. Verify if the workflow (starting from the top) makes sense if it currently has boxes.  
  9. If there are no boxes, then on the right-pane, expand the section and drag a box on top of the bottom most available box or hanging branch you want to add under. 
    1. Upon releasing the box, generally a pop-up window will appear asking you to fill the content of the box.  You may need drill in further inside the box if you see a link starting with "Edit ....". 
    2. When done, click Save or OK depending on the box you are in. Repeat this until you are back in the callflow.  
  10. Repeat adding boxes as necessary.
  11. Click Save changes on the top when you are satisfied with the callflow.  
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