All phones displaying "no service" and/or suddenly reboot


  • The phone service is dropping, ("no Service" displayed on phones), and then they come back on again.
  • All our phones suddenly showed "no service" and they may reboot.  This happens a few times per day.



Case 1: All the phones are rebooting after displaying "no service" for a brief moment

  1. Most likely the network switch the phones are connected to had a power failure (causing the phones to reboot).
  2. Have your network administrator verify if there is a proper power surge protector and backup battery power for the network switch in case of power failure.
  3. Verify if the network switch is not overheating (is there other heat generating equipment that are too close to the switch?)
  4. Verify the Total max wattage the switch model can handle (verify this from the brand's website) and calculate the actual max wattage based on the number of devices are connected to the switch.  Some deskphone model draw out more wattage than others so the wattage the switch can handle may be lower than what is required. 
  5. If the problem is persistent over a few days straight, then the network switch may be defective and replacing the switch should be looked into.
  6. If the problem persists then please contact Voxter Support: 204733540

Case 2: All the phones are not rebooting yet keep showing "no service" multiple times over the course of more than one day

  1. There is a connectivity issue between the switch and Voxter's servers.
  2. Confirm with your network admin if there were any network interruptions or changes matching the times of the phones having the "no service" displaying.
  3. Confirm with Voxter support if there is any Smokeping disruption indicating partial or full loss of connectivity at your DSL Voice modem premise.
  4. Temporary replacement of the switch or router may be necessary to narrow down the cause of the issue.
  5. If rebooting the DSL voice modem does not solve the issue then it may be an issue with the wiring from the telco/cableco to the DSL voice modem.  Having the telco/cableco come and verify the wiring at the demarc point may be necessary.
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