What is the best way to submit an issue, or contact Voxter Support?


I need to contact Voxter Support, but I'm not sure the best way to go about doing that, or what information I should have ready



There are a number of ways you can contact us, and we'll cover those options below. Additionally, we have a well-populated, searchable knowledge base available at and encourage you to type your problem into the search bar there to see if your question has already been answered.  If you still need to speak to someone, here are the best ways to do it:

  1. Web:
  2. E-Mail:
  3. Telephone:
    • In North America: +1 (866) 381-8647
    • Outside of North America: +1 (604) 629-8647
  4. Online Chat

When submitting an inquiry, our ability to help resolve your issue as soon as possible is greatly improved by including some additional information (if possible) such as:

  • A brief description of the problem
  • A simple explanation of what steps (if any) you are taking to reproduce the problem
  • When the issue last occurred (or any other times) including the Date and Time
  • If the call was with another person, the telephone number of the other party
  • (Optional Advanced Pro-Tip): If you are able to locate the record containing the Call-ID of the call that was problematic for you, we can use this to instantly find the details of what happened.  
    • You can find this underneath 'Hosted PBX', 'Advanced', 'Call History'.
    • Find the call in question and click the Details link, Copy and Paste the "call_id" value into your email or ticket.
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