My phone is stuck and reboots at 20% (DHCP)


  • My phone is stuck at 20% (DHCP message)
  • After some time, it freezes (stuck) or reboots and repeats the process again.



Brief explanation:

  1. The reboot is caused by the phone not receiving an answer from the DHCP server. After a set time, it will reboot to restart the DHCP process.
  2. DHCP is the method the phone requests an IP address inside your network.  Phones can't operate without an IP address.

Case 1: The voice cable (network patch) is incorrectly connected

  1. Verify that the back of the phone is plugged properly from the patch cable (voice cable) to the LAN port instead of the PC port.
  2. If incorrect, plug it properly and wait for the phone to reboot.
  3. Stop here if the problem is solved.

Case 2: Basic test to confirm if issue may be related to the phone:

  1. Unplug the stuck phone and its attached cable.
  2. Locate another phone of identical or similar brand/model that is working at the office.
  3. Plug the stuck phone and its cable into the wall outlet of the working phone.
  4. If the stuck phone boots properly and works, then it is not the phone. 
  5. If the stuck phone does not boot properly then it may be due to the phone, please contact Voxter Support for further troubleshooting.
  6. Plug the working phones back to their original locations.

Case 3: Network connectivity

  1. Please have your network technician involved as there may be a router or DSL/router not properly responding to DHCP requests on the voice network. 
  2. Common causes of DHCP requests failures:
    • Phone is not plugged to the network but is powered.
      • eg, the cable is not 100% connected on both ends (phone and wall) possibly from tripping the cable and or the clip is broken off and connection is very loose.
    • Phone is plugged to the network but no connectivity within the network to the dedicated voice router.
      • The in-wall cabling may be defective or non-existent even though the port is physically on the wall, or routed to the wrong router.
    • The cable between the phone and the wall may be defective.
    • If all the phones are affected, then:
      • The router may be the source of the issue such as DHCP has been turned off.  
      • Or the router may need a reboot to clear out possible bug.
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