What are Voxter's recommended routers and switches?


To ensure quality and reliability, Voxter insists that approved Routers and Switches are used on the network.  This saves time when configuring and troubleshooting issues that may relate to network implementation.



  1. Approved Routers
    • Voxter Dual WAN Router (Mikrotik RB750, RB750GL or RB2011UAS-RM)
    • DD-WRT based Routers
  2. Not-Approved Routers
    • SonicWALL
    • D-Link
    • Anything without configurable options for SIP ALG
  3. Approved Switches
    • Netgear PoE (FS728TP, GS728)
    • HP ProCurve
    • Switches that support:
      • LLDP, VLAN (802.1q)
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