How do I change the on hold music?


How do I change the on hold music?



  1. Please have a .mp3 or .wav file ready to upload.  
  2. Login to PISTON with the admin login provided by Voxter.
  3. Under 'Hosted Service' (VoIP Service), 'Advanced', click Media.
  4. Click ADD MEDIA.
  5. Fill in the 'Name' field, name it 'on hold music'.
  6. Click Choose File.
  7. Locate and select the audio file.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Under 'Hosted Service' (VoIP Service), click Account Details.
  10. Click Options.
  11. Locate the 'Music on Hold' field then click on Default Music to show a list of media files.
  12. scroll to the media uploaded a few moments ago and select it.
  13. Click Save.


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