My phone won't power up or turn on


The display on my phone is blank, and no lights are on. It doesn't seem like its getting any power, and won't turn on.


  1. Check to make sure other phones in the office are powered up
  2. Check to make sure the network cable is plugged securely into the LAN port on the phone (Aastra Models) or WAN Port (Polycom), and is securely connected to the wall jack.
  3. Ensure that your network is utilizing Power over Ethernet (i.e. the phone receives power over the network cable).  If you are unsure, check other phones nearby. If they are powered on, and do not obviously have a power cable attached, then there's a good chance you are.  If you are a remote worker, or other phones near by appear to have a separate power cable, you may need to utilize a power adapter.
    1. Once power adapter is obtained and plugged in, confirm that the phone is powering up.
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