When someone calls my extension or direct number, it always goes directly to voicemail instead of my phone (PISTON)


  • When someone calls my extension or direct number, it always go directly to my voicemail instead of my phone.
  • I may have multiple devices setup in my PISTON user profile including my cellphone.
  • I may take all my calls on my cellphone all the time.
  • My phone is not ringing even though my extension is active.



Note: If the phone is an analog phone connected to an ATA such as a CISCO SPA112, then please visit this article first: 219383468

Case 1: I want my calls to ring my cell phone

  1. In PISTON, go to the callflow for that extension/direct number.
  2. Investigate each box on the callflow carefully.  
  3. Case User:
    1. How long is 'Ring this user's devices for __ seconds' set for?  If below 30 seconds, it may be too short especially for a cellphone.
    2. Which user is it pointing to? Open the corresponding User record and investigate. 
    3. Verify how many devices are linked with the user profile:
      1. Likely there is more than one device (e.g. SIP + cellphone).
      2. If so, it will ring each device that is registered.
  4. Case Device: 
    1. Which device is it set for?  Is it a cellphone or SIP phone device?
    2. If cellphone, how long is 'Ring this user's devices for __ seconds' set for?  If below 30 seconds, it may be too short especially for a cellphone.
  5. If the callflow has both User and Device then it is redundant if the cellphone extension is also set in the User's record.  Then consider removing the Device object in the callflow.

Case 2: Check the call forwarding

  1. If the problem persists, then check the Call Forward tab in the User's record.
  2. Has it been set to 'Enable Call-Forward' to the cellphone number or another number?
      • If so and you don't want it to forward to that number, please uncheck 'Enable Call-Forward'.  Click Save.
      • Else if you want to change the number, then update the number.  Click Save.

Case 3: Check Follow-Me

  1. Some phones have a Follow-Me display button or dedicated button.
  2. Check if the display is enabled (red for AASTRA/Mitel phone) for Follow-Me.
  3. If so, please unset it.
  4. AASTRA/Mitel phone:
    1. Even if it isn't set, go into it the Follow-Me menu and verify if the line item 'This Phone (extensionnumber)' has a hashmark to indicate it is selected.
    2. if not selected, then scroll down to it, press Edit, select Enable, press Submit then press Exit.  

Case 4: Check Do Not Disturb (DND)

  1. Some phones may have a DND key. If so, toggle the phone and do a test call.

Case 5: Check that the device is registered

  1. In the PISTON interface click on the Voip Services menu then Registrations.  Ensure that you find the registration for your device here.
  2. If you do not find it then Piston does not know where to send calls as it does not see your phone.
  3. Ensure that your phone has proper network access and begin trouble shooting the network cables, routers, modem and phone.

Case 6: Check the call history

  1. Locate the call in the call history (the second leg).
  2. Case 'UNALLOCATED_NUMBER' on the status of the second leg:
    1. Click on Details for the second leg.
    2. in the 'hangup_code' line, if it says '404', then the phone device is not receiving the packets.  Instead, the router may be incorrectly sending the packets to the wrong device which is refusing them (404). 
      1. Have the user reboot the phone.  
      2. If the problem is happening again at a later date, then it may be due to a faulty router confusing IPs.  Rebooting may fix the issue.  

Case 6: Is the phone a secondary device?

  1. Is the phone a secondary phone such as a softphone via an app or on the computer instead of the  deskphone?
  2. If so, is the secondary phone connected to the right user or extension? If not, what extension or SIP username is it tied to?

Case 7: Piston Call history shows 'RECOVERY_ON_TIMER_EXPIRE' on calls to the phone

  1. If using an AASTRA/Mitel phone, then logout.
  2. Reboot the phone.
  3. If using an AATRA/Mitel phone, then login.  Stop here if problem is solved.
  4. At this point, the phone's session may have an invalid session at the router that needs clearing.
  5. If your router supports clearing sessions, then hunt the session and clear/delete it.   
  6. Else assign the phone a different IP address via the router and reboot the phone. 
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