How do I know if my connection is working?


There may be a problem with the internet connectivity between my phone and the Voxter network, how do I determine if my connection is up or down?



  1. Locate your modem (and router)  
  2. If your modem is separate, ensure that it has power and the power light is ON.
  3. Your modem may be provided over various means.  One common means of connectivity is DSL.  If this is the case, you will likely have a small black modem with green lights and a Voxter sticker.  Ensure that the DSL light is lit.  If it isn't, please remove the power cable and re-insert it to force the modem to re-connect.
  4. If the DSL or WAN lights are ON, your connection should be working.  If either of these lights are not lit, or if any lights on your particular device give the impression that your connection is not working, please check that all the cables are securely in their ports
  5. If it seems as though connectivity is still not functioning, you may need to power cycle your modem and/or router at this point.
  6. If your connection is still not functioning at this point, please contact Support and inform them of the information learned from the above tests.
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