How do I know if I am logged into a queue?


How do I verify if I am logged into a queue in Piston?



  1. Login to the PISTON management interface at (if you have not been given access to it please contact your account manager).
  2. Once logged in, click Call Center on the upper horizontal bar.
  3. Click the call group(Queue) you may belong to, for example Support or Sales.
  4. Locate a box with your name in the group.
    • If you are not in the group then click the next call group(Queue).
  5. The colour of the box defines the state of your user in thecall group(Queue).
  • Blue: Logged In and waiting for a call.
  • Grey: Logged In, however not available for a call.
  • Orange: Logged In and in a busy state.  On a call.
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