My Faxes are not legible at the recipients' end


When I send email Faxes via Voxter, the recipients are complaining the Fax pages are not legible, hard to read, blurry (or fuzzy) or not clear enough.



Step 0: Did the recipient's Fax run out of ink?

  1. If the recipient uses a printer/physical Fax machine, then inquire if the ink/toner is low/out causing the printed paper(s) to be illegible.

Step 1: Have you tried Faxing to yourself and see the result?

  1. Try sending the same Fax to yourself and see if you are experiencing the same issue.
  2. If not, then either:
    • it means the recipient's Fax (emulator) printer is of low quality.
      1. Suggest if you can either email the document to them or if there is an alternate Fax machine (number) to send to that is of better quality.
    • the recipient may be receiving the Fax as an email attachment, usually in PDF.
      1. If the recipient opens PDF attachments from office365, the quality of the PDF content may be degraded possibly to an unreadable point.
      2. If so, advise the recipient to save the PDF attachment to the computer, then to open the PDF via a better quality PDF reader software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free version).
  3. If yes, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Verify the source of your Fax document

  1. Is the source document using 100% black fonts or does it have lighter coloured fonts?
  2. If light coloured fonts, then this is the source of the problem.  
    • Lighter coloured fonts (example light blue) are converted into streaks of blacks with spaces and will likely either not be recognized or be very fuzzy. 
    • Voxter recommends you redo the document with all fonts to be black.
    • If the document is only available digitally in PDF, then export the file into a new PDF file but with option black&white (not greyscale as it is the same problem).  This will be more readable.
      • On a MAC computer:
        1. Open the PDF in Preview.
        2. Click File then Export (not 'Export PDF').
        3. Choose PDF as the 'Format'.
        4. For 'Quartz Filter', choose Black & White.
        5. Enter a new filename in 'Export As'.
        6. Save it to a location of your choosing.
        7. Click Save.
  3. Is the font size lower than size 12? 
  4. If yes, then you will want to increase the font size to at least 12.  
    • In some circumstances, some fonts may need to be increased size of the font to be higher than 12. 
  5. Is the font type non-standard where each character is thinner or smaller for any fax machine (and email Fax) to properly represent?
  6. If yes, then please change the document's font into a more standard font like times news romance, arial, courier, etc.
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