How do I setup a CISCO (Linksys) SPA112, ATA, device with auto provisioning for Voxter's provisioner?


  • How do I setup a CISCO (Linksys) ATA device with auto provisioning for Voxter's provisioner?
  • I need to setup a CISCO (Linksys) SPA112 device to use with my analog telephone or fax machine for compatibility with Voxter's service.



The steps explained here are for the CISCO SPA112 but can be used for most CISCO (Linksys) SPA devices.

Step 1: Retrieve device information from Voxter PISTON

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Enter your admin username, password and account name.
  4. Once logged in, click ACCOUNTS in the top menu.
  5. On the left pane, click the sub account you want to use.
  6. Click Use Account (blue button).
  7. Hover the mouse pointer over 'VoIP Services' on the top bar.
  8. Hover the mouse over 'Advanced'.
  9. Click Devices.
  10. Locate the device that you would like to register this SPA112 against in the left menu.
  11. Select the brand Cisco then SPA112 in the Model pull down menu.
    • high latency (or hl) is for sites that are remote with extremely high pings or require a better compression audio codec (limitation on bandwidth).  If this is required, then do inform voxter on how many devices are required as there are licensing costs involved.
  12. Enter the Mac Address that is located on the sticker on the bottom of the device in the 'Device MAC Address' field.  
  13. Click the Save button to apply your changes.

Step 2: Obtain the IP address of the ATA (SPA) device

  1. Connect the SPA ATA device's 'Ethernet' port to your local area network.
  2. Connect the analog device (phone or fax) into the SPA ATA device's 'Phone 1' port.
  3. By default, the IP address of the ATA is
  4. If it is not the default IP address then find the IP address of the SPA ATA device:
    • Case A: analog phone device is connected
      1. On the phone press the  ‘*’ key four times.
      2. Then 110#
      3. This will produce an audible message via the telephone handset of the IP address of the device.
      4. Please write it down.
    • Case B: analog fax device is connected
      1. The easiest way is to connect an analog phone in lieu of the fax machine and follow steps from Case A: above.
      2. Alternatively, if you have an IT person, please have the IT person determine the the IP address of the SPA ATA device via the router's DHCP table.  This will vary depending on the brand of Router and software version.
    • Case C: Get the IP from the router
      1. Log into the router's interface the ATA is connected to.
      2. Find out the IP address based on the matching MAC address of the ATA device.

Step 3: Setting up the ATA

  1. Setting up the SPA ATA device's automatic provisioning:
  2. Open a web browser window.
  3. Enter the IP address from above in the address bar.
  4. Login as 'admin' (username) and 'admin' (password).
  5. Select the Voice tab.
  6. Click on the Provisioning menu item on the left.
  7. Locate the 'Profile Rule' line item.
  8. Enter$MA.xml
  9. Click Submit.
  10. The SPA ATA device will reboot.
  11. Be patient as this new provision may take up to 15 minutes to apply.
    • Alternatively, you can force a resynch by using the following url:$MA.xml
      • where needs to be replaced with the actual ATA's IP address.
    • For older Linksys models or cisco deskphone models, the url force resynch may not work.  Instead, changing the integer value of the "Resync Error Retry Delay" to a very low value (eg 60 seconds) plus a reboot should get the phone to provision within 60 seconds. 
  12. Once the Line 1 light activates you will be able to place calls using the analog device (phone or fax).

Step 4: Changing the password of the web interface

  1. It is important to secure the SPA112 or ATA's web admin interface to prevent unwanted hackers causing long distance calls and consequently charges.
  2. Go back to the web browser's window (from Step 3).
  3. Click Administration.
  4. Under Management, click User List.
  5. On the list of users, click the pen icon on the right of the admin user. 
  6. Input the old and new password and click Submit.

Step 5: (Optional) print a Label

  1. Using a label machine, print a stickable label "Voxter ATA" (or whichever your company name is) and stick it to the upper side of the ATA device. 
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