How do I setup (provision) my new or existing Polycom phone to my account with Voxter?


How do I setup (provision) my new or existing Polycom phone to my account with Voxter?



  1. On the phone, press Menu, Settings, Advanced.
  2. Enter the phone's password.
    • The default is '456'.
  3. Choose Admin Settings
  4. Then Network Configuration
  5. Ensure 'DHCP client' is disabled.
  6. For 'DHCP' (not 'DHCP client'), change it to 'static'.
  7. Then select Provisioning Server (or Server Menu on very old polycom).
  8. Scroll to the 'Server Type' field and press Edit.
  9. Select HTTP using the < or > arrow keys.
  10. Scroll to the 'Server Address' field.
  11. Locate and press on the 'alpha numeric (ASCII)' soft key as highlighted on the picture below.
    • To enter periods, press the star key on your phone's keypad.
    • If you enter an incorrect number, you can press the backspace/delete button located under the arrow buttons to backspace/delete your entry.
    • Your entries should look like the following example illustration.
  12. Input the server IP address as ''
  13. Do not edit the User nor the Password. 
  14. Scroll down to the end of the menu and ensure 'Tag SN to UA' is set to 'enabled'.
  15. When ready, press OK.
  16. Press Back repeatedly until a prompt screen displays 'Save Config' as one of the option.
  17. Choose Save Config then press Select.
  18. The phone will take time to reboot, wait until it has rebooted.
  19. You may need to change the phone's DHCP from "custom+opt66" to "custom" if the phone's DHCP is not behaving properly and the phone keeps rebooting while going in rapid succession through its booting sequence. 
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