How to logout or login on Mitel (formerly AASTRA) phone?


How do I logout of my Mitel phone?

How do I login on my Mitel phone?



The following steps are for the 686xi Mitel family but is generally applicable to all Mitel/AASTRA phones with a display.

Case: Log out 

  1. Assuming your phone is already logged in, then on the lower right side of your phone display, there is a key with a black and a white dot (or a More label).  
  2. Press the key until one of the adjacent key says Logout.
  3. Press Logout.
  4. Accept the confirmation request to logout.

Case Log in

  1. Assuming the phone is configured to talk with Voxter's VoIP services, then upon powering the phone, it will prompt on the phone display to enter a extension and password.
  2. By default, the cursor is on the extension field.  
  3. Manually key in your extension number.
  4. Press the <<down>> arrow key on the directional keypad once (or down arrow key on old aastra models) to move to the next field.
  5. Manually key in your extension voicemail PIN in the password field.
  6. Press Submit
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