How to register a Yealink W56H handset to a W56P DECT base


  • My Yealink W56H handset is not registered to a W56P DECT base.
  • How do I register my W56H handset to a base?



  1. Press the red hangup button.
  2. The display should say "Press base paging 2s then press OK."
  3. If so, on the base, press the wireless (paging) key for 2 seconds on the front face of the base.  The handset LED light will start blinking.
  4. On the handset, ensure the "Press base paging 2s then press OK" is active, then press the key on the right side with label "OK" (not the OK button in the center).
  5. Select Register Handset then select "OK".
  6. Select the base, if there is only one base, then select Base1 then select "OK".
  7. A series of alphanumeric letters with a hyphen in the middle will appear. Select "OK"
  8. Enter the base PIN.  Default is 0000.
  9. Select "Done".
  10. Wait until the handset has completed initializing (may take approximatively 5-15 seconds).
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