What are the Mitel screensaver dimensions and restrictions?


  • We would like to change the Mitel 68XX phones to display a different screen saver. 
  • What are the different Mitel screensaver pixel resolutions of pictures to submit to Voxter?



The following are the Mitel requirements for screensaver backgrounds:
• 320x240 pixels (6867i)
• 480x272 pixels (6869i)
• 800x480 pixels (6873i)
• 24 or 32-bit color depth
• 1MB maximum file size
• Both JPG and PNG files are supported (JPG strongly recommended due to smaller file size and faster loading time)
• There should be no frame around the image

Note: Due to storage limitations on phones, there is a limit on how many background images can be set. Please inform Voxter of your specific needs on this. 

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