How to setup Jitsi on my laptop for VoIP calls


 How do I setup Jitsi on my laptop for VoIP calls?



  1. Download and install the desktop package matching your operating system at under "JITSI DESKTOP STABLE BUILD LINE"
  2. Start the Jitsi application from your operating system.
  3. Upon the first startup of Jitsi, a "Configure all your favourite protocols in one click" window appears.
  4. In the SIP section, you are prompted for your SIP username and SIP password.  The following steps explain how to locate this information in PISTON:
    1. Login as the admin user on the PISTON interface at
    2. If you are not using a deskphone:
      1. Under  Hosted PBX, Advanced, Devices, locate the device matching your extension.
      2. Select the extension on the left pane. 
      3. Click Advanced then SIP.
      4. Copy the username and password fields.
      5. Copy the Realm field.
    3. If you are already using a deskphone:
      1. Under  Hosted PBX, Advanced, Devices, then create a new device by clicking Add Device on the top left.
      2. Select VOIP PHone then fill in the information requested for the "Device Nickname" and "Assigned To".
      3. Click the SIP tab.
      4. It is suggested you rename the username to include the extension number + an extra label.  For example, if it is ext 1001, then set it to 1001_jitsi.  
        • Don't forget to click Save.
      5. Copy the username and password fields.
      6. Copy the Realm field.
  5. In jitsi, under the SIP section, enter the SIP username as username + @ + Realm.
    • example
  6. Enter the password.
  7. Click Sign in.
  8. If the login is successful then the Jitsi main window will appear with a green icon saying "Online".
  9. If unsuccessful, you will be prompted to re-enter the password.
  10. To make a phone call, Click the dialpad icon on the left side.  A Dial Pad window will appear.  Key in the number and press Call.
  11. For more information on how to use Jitsi, please refer to Jitsi's user documentaton available at:
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